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Casimir Pulaski is memorialized in Illinois by...

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So I just realized something interesting about the picture at Dogzplot.  When I got home from taking the picture last fall, I wrote this:

What scandal, these Moravians, these Peace Church nuns and friars rending martial banners? Duke Pulaski, their protector, marches to Savannah, is recalled in Illinois among the Polish and in the frontier psalter. How ancient, their Count’s mission, in its context on the Lehigh, infant, pre-incarnate by their Christmas City’s namesake — Bethlehem, Palestine?

Cornelia, theirs in life, (the Horsfields’), not her own or God’s, sewn in Pennsylvania with the city’s founding mythos. December 24, 17whatever. Theirs in death, the Horsfields, this rump tribe in exile.

Duke Pulaksi is Casimir Pulaksi, the famous Illinois hero.  But before he was famous in Illinois, he protected the Moravian settlement in Bethlehem and there’s a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker about him on the Moravian Cemetery grounds.  Sufjan Stevens wrote a song called “Casimir Pulaski Day” for his Illinois album.

Kyle Minor has a piece on Dogzplot today, too.  The title of Kyle’s short story collection, In The Devil’s Territory, is a reference to Flannery O’Connor’s view of her calling as an artist.  Sufjan Stevens also used this famous image for the title of another of his songs.

Just a few days ago I published a piece about Flannery, Sufjan, and what makes art “Christian” at The Huffington Post, not knowing that I’d be published today with Kyle at Dogzplot.  Pretty cool.

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